Amy is always surprising me with her creativity and talent. She sees the world through a completely different set of lenses. I love that about her!
— Sheena
I absolutely love each and every space that she has designed for me and don’t know that I could pick a favorite!
— Kylie
Another home run! Thanks, Amy!
— Pam
She gets a lot done! She works great under a time frame!
— Hallie
Misty Kitchen
It’s even more gorgeous in person!!!!!! Thank you Amy for working your magic once again in our home!
— Misty
She’s young and hip and into the cool things available for homes right now.
— Christy
She’s real. She opens her heart & ears and she’s quick to say if she’s wrong.
— Hallie
My dining room is just so pretty and updated now. It reflects more of me now and all the things I love - the colors and fabrics.
— Christy
Amy made the entire design process fun and stress free. Plus, she’s just a really cool person, and I love that I got a friend out of the deal.
— Sheena
I figured I would have driven her crazy by now with my indecisiveness. But she is so patient and I feel like she actually listens to me.
— Christy
I love the way our home feels! Thank you Amy!
— Ashley
I still feel so happy every time I walk inside my front door to this! Thank you, Amy!
— Misty
I was surprised at how she can create such different designs. All her homes are unique.
— Misty
I love how she listens to what drives your family, your space and how you use it, and then takes all of that into consideration when she’s designing your space.
— Kylie
She’s so creative and great at listening to what you like and bringing it out in a beautiful way.
— Misty
I LOVE it!!! Thank you, Amy!! Best designer EVER!!!
— Misty
I have worked with Amy for the past 4 years and have been completely satisfied.
— Shelly